My Roll-off Roof Observatory

In Feb 2011 we moved house and high on the agenda was to build a new roll-off roof observatory. I had built a similar observatory about 12 years ago at our previous house and it was still going strong when we moved, but the permanent nature of the observatory meant that it had to stay behind.

For my new observatory I have taken extensive photos of every step of construction which I have incorporated into a "how to build a roll-off roof observatory" build guide which can be found on my articles page. I estimate the cost is less than 500.

The three photos below are the first and last in the sequence of construction photos that are included in the build guide which features at least 80 photos documenting the build.

My "how to build a roll-off roof observatory" step by step build guide is here (opens a pdf document).

How to go from this: April 2011 - the first step - select the best spot in the garden.

To this: September 2011 - Completed (new roof added 2017)